Daily Blog • October 15th


Week 7 Top 25 Team Performances

****OT Yards were taken out of Notre Dame/Stanford game while Arkansas' numbers were inflated vs Kentucky since they played only 40 minutes of action.

OKLAHOMA AT Texas 347 332 63 70 218 21 2 391 131.3
ARKANSAS Kentucky 241 558 69 99 156 10 0 544 116.2
ALABAMA AT Missouri 355 169 42 37 126 10 1 361 115.3
TEXAS TECH West Virginia 168 508 49 132 276 14 -2 268 111.3
FLORIDA ST Boston College 200 433 51 97 130 7 -1 406 108.0
MICHIGAN Illinois 351 173 45 104 29 0 1 391 105.9
WISCONSIN AT Purdue 467 178 38 128 124 14 0 393 104.7
OREGON ST AT BYU 118 332 42 81 305 24 3 64 98.6
LSU South Carolina 259 148 23 31 180 21 1 196 98.3
TCU AT Baylor 248 261 49 106 326 21 6 77 97.5
ARIZONA ST AT Colorado 261 332 51 75 180 17 -1 338 97.0
MISS ST Tennessee 142 308 41 213 148 31 2 89 92.5
USC AT Washington 204 167 24 101 198 14 3 72 91.9
NOTRE DAME Stanford 157 152 13 126 130 13 -1 53 92.6
STANFORD AT Notre Dame 126 130 13 157 152 13 1 -53 91.0
MISSISSIPPI Auburn 200 251 41 101 112 20 2 238 90.6
N ILLINOIS Buffalo 219 241 45 74 263 3 2 123 90.6
FLORIDA AT Vanderbilt 325 77 31 124 237 17 1 41 90.2
KANSAS ST AT Iowa St 178 187 27 68 165 21 0 132 90.1
VIRGINIA TECH Duke 269 256 41 22 307 20 3 196 90.0
LOUISVILLE AT Pittsburgh 156 304 45 93 287 35 0 80 89.0
SYRACUSE AT Rutgers 66 352 15 84 151 23 -4 183 88.5
TEXAS A&M AT Louisiana Tech 293 396 59 168 448 57 -1 73 86.5
KANSAS Oklahoma St 187 211 14 116 255 20 1 27 86.3
HOUSTON UAB 186 380 39 35 339 17 1 192 85.9




UTEP actually had a 26-20 FD edge vs Tulsa but they did get 3 of those FD and 60 of the yards on the final drive in the final 1:03 after TU had missed a 36 yd FG. TU fmbl’d at the UTEP14 in the 2Q with the game tied at 3. TU missed a 35 yd FG but a pen had them go for it on 4&1 and they converted but would settle for a 25 yd FG and led 6-3 at the half. TU went for it on 4&1 at their own 34 to open the 3Q and got a FD and continued on a 75/14pl drive for a td. UTEP, on 4&gl from the 3, was int in the EZ for a TB which was a huge play. TU 2pl later got an 81 yd td run by Douglas. UTEP brought in bkp QB Meger and TU ret’d a fmbl 17 yds for a td and TU led 26-3. UTEP went on a 63/10pl drive but fmbl’d at the TU18. UTEP got a 61 yd td pass with 11:05 let but TU on 3&8 got a 55 yd pass then a 10 yd td run on the next play to go up 33-11 with 8:46 left. UTEP was sk’d on 4&7 at their own 46 with 3:48 left.


The key story of the WKU/Troy game was that Troy lost their starting QB, Corey Robinson, on the final play of the 1H. Troy had led 17-7. In fact they were up 10-0 when they got a 54 yd PR to the WKU25 and missed a 35 yd FG. Troy led 10-7 when they went 65/18 and faked an 18 yd FG for a td. WKU then went on a 75/17pl drive for a td. The 2 drives combined for 15:30, over a quarter of play. WKU in the 3Q opened with a 75/7pl drive for a td. Troy went 74/10pl but settled for a 22 yd FG and trailed by 1. Each team got a td but Troy went for 2 and failed and they were down 28-26. Troy went for it on 4&2 at their own 43 and were stopped and WKU got a 26 yd FG with 1:12 left. Troy did get to the WKU46 but after a PF on 4&25, fired incomplete.


Arizona St only led 20-17 at the half vs Colorado but returned the opening KO of the 2H 100 yds for a td. It was 34-17 when CU returned a fumble 37 yards for a td with 12:43 left to pull within 34-24 but they ruled the whistle had blown so CU was given the ball but back at the Arizona 36 and they punted. ASU got a 38 yd FG with 9:27 left to go up by 20 then after CU was SOD on 4&1 at their own 47, ASU got a 31 yd td pass to go up by 27 with 5:38 left and after an int by bkp QB Hirschman 2pl later, ASU went 54/4pl for another td with 3:34 left. They did finish with a 593-255 yd edge and 31-16 FD edge.


The Navy/C Michigan game was played on Friday and CM was at a decided disadvantage coming off a 3 gm road trip and having a short week to prepare for the Navy option. Navy got true frosh Keenan Reynolds the start as their starter Trey Miller was out. Reynolds became the first Navy QB to have 3 td passes in a game since 1997 when Chris McCoy did it vs Colgate. Navy finished with a 372-221 yd edge and led 17-10 at the half. They continuously converted on 4th down with 1 FD conversion on their 74/8pl td drive and on their 2nd poss, a pair of 4&1 conv on a 66/11pl drive for a td. CM was SOD on a 4&6 at the Navy34 with 3:06 left in the half. Navy converted on 4&1 in the 3Q on a 61/11pl drive for a td then got a 41 yd td pass to lead 31-13 with 2:53 left in the 3Q. The next 5 poss were punts and Navy ran the clock out at the CM36.


Wisconsin had its 2nd best offensive output in school history. A few weeks ago on my ESPN Insider article, I pointed out that Wisconsin had probably the most underrated offense in the NCAA as they came in that week ranked #110. Since then, the Badgers’ offense has picked up and they rolled up 645 yards vs Purdue. In fact if you look at the final stats, you see a 30-11 FD edge and 645-252 yd edge but it is even more impressive than that as PU got an 81 yd td run with 1:39 left, trailing 38-7 or else they had just 171 yards offense. In the 1H UW had a 363-118 yd edge. PU ret’d the opening KO to the 47 and got a 52 yd td pass on the first play. It was reviewed and marked at the 1 and got a td on the very next play but UW would control from there even missing a 44 yd FG, settling for a 30 yd FG, a missing a 46 yd FG in the 1H. UW was also SOD at the Boiler 45 and int’d in the EZ in the 3Q.


Toledo and Eastern Michigan had a wild 3Q where the 2 teams combined for 8 td’s on 20 offensive snaps in less than 9:00. UT led 21-10 at the half. The 2 teams combined for 1,279 yards. Bernard Reedy set a UT record with 237 rec yards and 407 all-purp yards. In the 1H EM was int’d setting up a 33 yd UT drive for a td and then were SOD at the UT38 on 4&3 and let me take you trough the wild 9:00 of the 3Q. EM got a 47 yd td run by Hill, Reedy ret’d the KO 89 yds for a td. Three plays later Hill (282 yds on 28 carries) had a 58 yd td run. On its next play UT got a 65 yd td pass to Reedy. It was Hill’s turn and he went 70 yds for a td. UT got a 60 yd td pass to Russell on 3&5. EM put together a long drive of 3:16 eating up 6 plays before getting a 41 yd td pass. UT went on a 5pl drive getting a 59 yd td pass from Owens to Reedy and it was UT 49-37 after 3Q. EM battled within 52-47 but UT rec’d the onside kick with 1:57 left.


The Red River Rivalry was far from that as at the half Oklahoma has a 407-65 yd edge. Perhaps the key play was a run by Damian Williams who went 95 yds for a td with the score 6-2. It was the 3rd longest run in OU history and the longest rush in the RRR history. Blake Bell kept coming in near the goal line and had 4 rushing td’s while Landry Jones threw for 321 yds and 2 td’s. Bob Stoops moved to 9-5 vs Mack Brown and Texas lost QB David Ash to a left wrist injury but it wasn’t until the 4Q. Case McCoy came in for the 4Q and hit 5-8-102 and had 2 late td’s but they were both in garbage time incl a 19 yd td pass with no time left on the clock. OU finished with a 677-289 yd edge incl 343 yds rushing. It was 36-2 at the half and 46-8 after 3Q’s. UT gained 149 of their 289 yards on the final 2 drives.


Houston K Matt Hogan set a CUSA record with 6 FG’s. It was close as UH led 16-10 at the half. UAB was SOD at the UH41 and UH missed a 48 yd FG on the final play of the half to only be down by 6. UH opened the 3Q with a 75/9pl drive for a td and UAB was SOD at the UH38. UAB fumbled at the UH33 and ran a fake punt from their own 43 with UH scoring on each poss. A 29 yd PR set up UH for a 29/7pl drive for a 26 yd FG as they extended it to 39-10. UAB was SOD at the UH23 then got a td with 4:37 left. UH had a FD at the 2 at the end taking a knee.


Kansas St and Iowa St was played on a soggy field in strong winds. KSU finished with a 364-231 yd edge and 25-12 FD edge. ISU led 14-10 getting a td with 2:27 left in the half but KSU went 69/4pl getting a 6 yd td run with :49 left to regain some momentum. It was 27-21 when ISU was SOD at their own 46 then SOD at their own 8 on 4&5 with 1:25 left. On KSU’s drive which put them up 27-21, they converted on 3rd down 4x and that was the theme all day as they converted 75% of the time on 3rd down and escaped with the win.



Connecticut led 14-0 after 1Q vs Temple and appeared in control of the game. They did only led 14-7 in the 4Q. UC QB Chandler Whitmer hit 22-39-293. Temple’s Chris Coyer hit 13-26-182. TU managed just 8 yds and 1 FD on the first 4 poss as both teams played without their top RB’s. BC transfer Montel Harris, however, filled in for Temple and rushed for 142 yards on 30 carries. UC missed an amazing 4 FG’s. They missed a 36 yarder on their opening drive, a 42 yarder with 12:54 left, they fumbled at their own 33 and had a 45 yd FG blocked with 2:56 left which would have clinched it. Temple converted on 4&7 for a FD then on 3&13 got a 33 yd pass and a 14 yd td on the next play for a td with :19 left to force OT. UC missed a 28 yd FG in OT and Temple made a 29 yd FG and never led until the final play.


Army had a 457-367 yd edge but went on a 45/13pl drive and missed a 46 yd FG. Kent St converted on 4&2 for a FD then ran a trick play where they pitched to RB Archer who threw back to QB Keith for a 24 yd td. Kent went 68/5pl on their next drive for a td and led 14-0 at the half. Army was SOD at their own 38 on 4&1 and Kent added a 28 yd FG. Trailing 24-10 Army was SOD on 4&2 at the KSU13. KSU then got an 87 yd td run 2pl later. Trailing 31-17 Army ended the game at midfield.


Michigan’s Denard Robinson was knocked out briefly vs Illinois but returned to the lineup. He hit 7-11-159 and rushed for 128. IL QB Nathan Scheelhaase hit 2-6-4 before being pulled for Riley O’Toole who hit 5-10-25 in a show of ineptness for the Illini offense which was shutout. It was a rainy, chilly day and the loudest cheer of the day actually came when it was announced that Michigan St had lost. UM only led 17-0 at the half and IL missed a 50 yd FG and was SOD at the UM42 but UM finished with a 527-134 yd edge and 21-7 FD edge.


Virginia finished with a 386-235 yd and 20-10 FD edges. In fact, Maryland had zero yards rushing in the 1H. MD got a 100 yd KR td, after an int drove 32/5pl for a td and went on an 83 yd drive for a 33 yd FG to lead 17-0. It was 17-3 at half. Maryland got a FG with 6:08 left, went 81/10pl getting a td with 4:10 left to pull within 27-10 but their last drive they took over at midfield but on 4&10 fired incomplete.


Surprisingly Buffalo had a 26-21 FD edge and Northern Illinois only a 460-337 yd edge in their 45-3 win. UB went on a 78/15pl drive but settled for a 28 yd FG. Later UB went 67/10 pl and settled for a 25 yd FG and missed it then went 32/7pl and was SOD at the NI40. UB went 64/7pl but on 2&11 from the 12 was int’d at the 6, had 3&11 at the 16 and was int’d in the EZ but did gain 58/13pl on the last 2:55. UB fmbl at the 6 on the last play.


Missouri’s Marcus Murphy had a school record 4th PR/KR td this year, a 98 yarder in the 2Q vs Alabama. MO was without starting QB James Franklin and Corbin Berkstresser hit 12-29-126 yds in his place. Bama had a 533-129 yd edge and 21-9 FD edge in a game that was delayed 40:00 for the weather and played basically in pouring rain. Bama got an int and drove 50 yds for a td, blk’d a punt and drove 17 yds for a td and led 21-0 and the Tide had a 254-62 yd edge at the half. MO trailed 35-10 when Berkstresser was int’d and Bama drove 54/7pl for a td with 2:38 left for the 42-10 final.


Venric Mark rushed for a 182 yards on 22 carries for Northwestern. Max Shortell started over the injured Marqueis Gray for Minnesota but inj’d his left hand so Gray saw quiet a bit of action and hit 7-11-66. UM fumbled the opening KO and NU got a td on the first play on a 26 yd td run by Mark. Leading 14-10 after an int, NU got a 2 play td with a 48 yd td run by Mark. At half UM did have a 211-198 yd edge. Minny got a 38 yd FG with 8:47 left in the 3Q and there were 5 punts. UM13 went 81/12pl but on 4&gl from the 6, Shortell fired incomplete after returning. UM got it back at the 50 with 1:17 left but on 4&19 gained 9 yds. UM finished with a 327-275 yd and 21-13 FD edge.


Cody Vaz hadn’t taken a snap since 2010 but Oregon St remained unbeaten and Vaz hit 20-32-332 yds vs a tough BYU D. BYU had a blackout crowd with the Cougars in black uniforms for the first time in the modern era vs Mendenhall’s alma mater. Vaz completed his first 5 attempts for 75 yards. BYU had held its previous 12 opponents under 300 yards but OSU finished with a 450-386 yards edge. It was 14-14 at half and OSU had a 293-190 yd edge. It was 21-21 after 3Q’s but OSU put together a 77/7pl and 77/5pl drives for td’s to lead 35-24 then got a 47 yd IR td with 4:58 left to blow it open.


Iowa RB Mark Weisman is not spectacular but highly productive and rushed for 116 yards. Michigan St’s Le’Veon Bell ran 29 times for 140 yards and it was a low scoring game as expected with the 2 defensive teams. It was also a rainy day in Spartan Stadium. Iowa was int’d on their first poss and MSU went 26/4pl for a td and led 7-0 with 11:11 left 1Q. MSU led the entire game. It was 10-3 at the half and MSU had a 169-65 yd edge. There were 5 punts to open the 2H then Iowa went on a 76/13pl drive for a 27 yd FG and MSU went on a 72/15pl drive for a 22 yd FG, 13-6. After 2 more punts Iowa took over with 5:46 left and went 68/9pl and Weisman’s 5 yd td run with :55 left forced OT. Each team got a FG in the first OT and in the 2nd MSU was int’d at the Iowa 14 on a tipped pass after Iowa had gotten a FG.


Bowling Green had a 15 year drought at home vs Miami in a series known for “Miami Whammy”. BG finished with a 486-256 yd edge and 27-14 FD edge although it was just 17-12 with 9:00 left in the 3Q. BG RB Anthon Samuel rushed for 171 yds and 22 carries. BG got a td to go up 24-12 and fumbled the KO into the EZ while BG thought they had a safety, it turned out to be a tb and on the next play Boo Boo Gates got a 37 yd IR td to blow it open. UM’s final 4 poss were an int, punt, fumble and were SOD at the BG33.


Against Texas, West Virginia converted on all five 4th down att’s. It was a different story vs Texas Tech as they converted on just 2 of 7. After a respectable showing vs the Texas off allowing just 404 yards, WV’s D reverted yielding 686 to TT. TT scored td’s on 5 of their 7 1H poss. The game was a blowout as the score would indicate. Geno Smith had 26 incompletions after coming in with 38 on the season and hit 29-55-295. TT scored td’s on their first 2 poss and led 35-7 at the half with a 438-205 yd edge. WV was SOD on three of their first 4 poss of the 2H and TT led 49-7 but WV went 73/9pl getting a garbage td with 3:14 left.


David Fales set a San Jose St school record for pass completions in a non-bowl game throwing for 467 yards but was sacked an amazing 13 times as Utah St had a very impressive road win. Utah St did only have a 485-471 yd edge and in fact, SJSt had a 27-18 FD edge and Utah St led big for most of the game including 28-3. Keep in mind, Utah St’s 2 losses were to Wisconsin and BYU, both games where they missed a FG at the end which could have given them the win and an OT. SJSt battled back to 28-20 at the half and did have a 275-262 yd edge but an 86 yd Williams td run to open the 3Q for Utah St and it broke back open to 42-27. SJSt was SOD at the Utah St 19 with 6:09 left then fmbl’d at their own 27 with 3:29 left and Utah St tacked on a 12 yd td run with 2:44 left.


Does Ryan Griffin make a difference for Tulane? He played in the opener and TU played a very good game vs Rutgers. After missing the last 3 games, Griffin ret’d to the lineup vs SMU. While SMU had a 29-13 FD and 471-342 yd edges, Griffin and Co pulled the upset at home. There were numerous key plays that helped TU win. SMU went on a 78/12pl drive and had a td reversed and put on the 1 and settled for a 22 yd FG in the 2Q. SMU went 64/13pl and had a 23 yd FG blk’d. Three plays later TU got a 79 yd td pass for a shocking 17-6 lead. SMU on 4&3 dropped a FD pass at the TU31 with :32 left in the half and TU got a 35 yd FG on the 1H final play to lead 20-6. Leading 23-20 SMU drove 60/12pl and settled for a 19 yd FG giving TU a chance with 1:22 left. TU on 3&10 got a FD and 2pl later got a 16 yd td pass with :35 left to pull out a 27-26 win with SMU only getting to their 35 at the end.


There was some controversy in OT for Notre Dame/Stanford. The game was played in inclement weather. SU’s offense managed just 2 FG’s in the game and ND did have a 19-13 FD and 334-272 yd edge. ND fumbled into the EZ and SU rec’d for a td in the 2Q for their 7-3 lead. It was the first time ND trailed in a game all season. ND had a 28 yd FG but a bad snap gave SU the ball at the 26 and they went 43/7pl getting a 48 yd FG on the final play of the half to lead 10-3. SU did have a 153-106 yd edge at the half. ND fumbled at the SU17 but got a td to tie. After SU got a 27 yd FG, ND went 79/12pl. They had a FD at the 13 with Tommy Rees at QB (Golson inj) but surprisingly ran the ball 3x in the middle of the field and settled for a 22 yd FG to force OT. ND converted on 3&8 and got a td 2pl later. SU overcame a 2nd &15 but had a 3&gl at the 1, 2 runs were stopped although it appeared the play was over, the RB kept moving and replay could not overturn it on the final drive.


Ohio moved to 7-0 for the first time since 1968 as they rushed for 252 yds. It was their 3rd straight lackluster win over an overmatched foe. Chisolm rushed for 177 yards for Akron while Beau Blankenship rushed for 108 for OU and Ryan Boykin added 96. Tyler Tettleton hit just 13-27-150 yds and while OU had 441 yards for the game, UA came in allowing over 470 ypg on the season. OU did lead 20-0 with less than 1:00 in the 1H. UA went 75/4pl and got a td with :16 left in the half to give them momentum and then took their opening 3Q poss 75/10pl for a td to pull within 20-14. OU opened it back up to 34-14 with 98 and 56 yd drives but UA went 70/11pl for a td with 8:48 left, was SOD at the OU40 with 5:42 left then drove 53/8pl getting a td with 1:55 left to pull within 6. The onside kick went OOB and OU got a 2&8 FD and ran the clock with UA finishing with a 456-441 yd edge.


Kicker Andrew Halterman had a gloriously horrible day for W Michigan. WM led the majority of the game vs Ball St and appeared on their way to the win. They were int in the EZ and ret’d to the 1 with 2:52 left in the 1Q but led 21-10 at the half with a 278-187 yd edge. Halterman missed a 28 yd FG with 7:53 left which would have put them up 24-17. BS converted on 4&1 and then 3pl later on 3&10 got an 11 yd td pass with :50 left for the lead, 24-21. A strange play set up Halterman to be the hero. WM got 2 FD to the BS44 then Van Tubbergen was int’d. However, on the return they fumbled and WM rec’d with :05 left. Halterman came in and connected on a 52 yd FG to force OT. However, in OT missed a 36 yd FG and BS got a 15 yd td run to win by 6.


Boise St QB Joe Southwick hit just 11-22-113 yd. Fresno St’s Derek Carr hit 29-43-266. Boise only had a 335-322 yd edge but for the 2nd game in a row, Boise St had a lead much better than their stats would show. The Broncos took their 3rd drive 67/8pl for a td and a 7-0 lead. Boise St was int’d but a high hit on the QB was called overturning the int given them a FD. They continued on an 11 pl drive for a 19 yd FG, 10-0. Fresno went on an 86/9pl drive but missed a 27 yd FG with 4:48 left in the half and Boise got a 29 yd td run with 2:10 left to go up 17-0 but only had a 166-160 yd edge at the half. It was 20-3 when FSU went 80/9pl getting a td with 2:15 left but Boise rec’d the onside kick, got 2 FD and ran the clock.


It came one week too late for Florida St. They were very conservative in the 2H vs NC State the prior week and blew a 16 pt lead. Versus Boston College, FSU ran the ball 33 times and passed 38. EJ Manuel threw for a career high 434 yds. FSU finished with a 649-225 yd edge. It was 28-0 when BC went 87/12pl, perhaps vs a relaxed FSU D to score with 1:56 left 1H and it was 31-7 at half. Dustin Hopkins improved to 402 points and his 51 yd FG set a school record for total points in a career. FSU topped 600 yards for the 4th time this year, the most since 1999 but it came just a little too late as they would still have clear National Title hopes had they not blown the lead last week.


In its first WAC game, Texas St had a 519-315 yd edge vs Idaho and 25-15 FD edge. Texas St led 14-0 and 14-7 at the half even being SOD at the ID33 and missing a 37 yd FG. They had a 235-165 yd edge at the half.


San Diego St only had a 23-19 FD edge and 399-335 yd edge but Colorado St had 3 crucial TO’s. CSU has another impressive frosh in Cory James who now has 6.5 sacks on the season, already the most ever for a CSU frosh with the old mark being set in 1994 by DeVaughn Hawkins (5). McPeek inj’d his shoulder and was in full uniform but did not play the 2H. It was tied at 7 as CSU took its opening drive for a td but then an int set up SDS for a 35 yd td drive. It was 17-7 at the half. A fumble set up SDSt for a 14/2pl td drive. CSU was SOD at the Aztec39, int’d at their own 33 setting up another short Aztec td drive. CSU on 4&5 was SOD at the SDSt 37 late 3Q and at the end of the game CSU went 72/14pl but on 4&4 Smith ran for no gain at the Aztec 24.


Matt Barkley hit just 10-20-167 yds but USC’s D held Washington to 6 yards in the 2Q and at the half had a commanding 233-87 yd edge. They blocked a punt and returned it for a td with 4:41 left in the half to lead 24-7. USC had a td called back on their 2nd 3Q poss and then a 41 yd FG blk’d. UW, down 10, did miss a 45 yd FG late 3Q and fumbled at the SC4 with 11:47 left. USC was SOD at the UW36 with 5:26 left but UW’s final 2poss ended on int at the USC49 with 4:13 left and a fumble at the USC39 with 2:01 left.


East Carolina had dominated the series vs Memphis winning the last 6 with the closest game being by 15 points. Memphis was coming off a rare win and as expected, EC dominated. Statistically they did only have a 369-281 yd edge but led 34-0 in the 41-7 win. They got a 67 yd td pass on their first poss, went 68/8pl for a td on their 2nd and even had a pair of fumbles cost them scoring opportunities in the 1H and led 17-0 with a 231-115 yd edge. While the yardage was close for the game, Memphis had 133 of their 281 yards on the final 2 drives so after EC got a td with 12:22 left, at this point EC had a 365-148 yd edge. This game had some misleading stats due to those final 2 drives where Memphis went 76/9pl incl a 4&1 conversion for a td with 8:59 left and 57/12pl incl a pair of 4&2 conversions vs EC’s backups at the end of the game.



As I have mentioned all season long, my friend Gil Brandt often points out to me that a late score at the end of a half can be a key to the outcome of the game. There were a few games like that this past weekend. Pittsburgh led Louisville 21-14 and had the ball on 4&2 at the UL43. In the first of two highly questionable 4th down calls, Paul Chryst opted to go for it on 4&2 with :53 left in the half and were stopped. UL43 on 4&8 opted to go for it from their own territory and got a FD on a 27 yd pass to the Pitt28 and 2pl later kicked a 45 yd FG to pull within 21-17 giving them the momentum. UL got a 75 yd td pass to open the 3Q, partially blk’d a punt and drove 70/5 for a td and at the end of the game UL led by a td and a FG (10 pts). Pitt had a 4&8 at the UL22 and despite needing a FG, passed up a 39 yd FG and were stopped on an incomplete pass. UL got 1 FD and then with Pitt massing the line, Perry broke through and raced 59 yds for a td to make it 45-28. Pitt would get a 2 yd td pass with :40 let capping a 74/7pl drive.


Virginia Tech had an amazing comeback vs Duke. They trailed 20-0 in the 1Q but went on to a 41-20 win and the star was true frosh JC Coleman who ran for 183 yards on 13 carries. Duke came in with 5 wins and was seeking to be bowl eligible for the first time since 1994 and had 150 yds in the 1Q but just 84 in the next 2Q. Duke has a very tough remaining schedule upcoming where they might be a dog in each game. Duke got a 19 yd IR td on a screen pass that made it 20-0 with 3:12 left in the 1Q. VT would get a td with :41 left in the 1Q. VT pulled within 20-10 but Duke had the ball on FD at the 29 of VT with just :25 left in the half when the pass went off Brennan’s hands, was int’d and ret’d 39 yds. On the next play, VT got a 39 yd td pass and instead of trailing by double digits, they pulled within 20-17 and had all the momentum. VT opened the 3Q with a 79/4pl drive, 83/9pl and then after kick/catch interference, drove 20/7pl for a 41 yd FG, 34-20. Duke was SOD on 4&12 at the VT14 and VT got an 86 yd td run by Coleman with 9:20 left to clinch it. Duke was SOD at the VT45 with 4:01 left and fmbl’d at their own 22.


Auburn lost its 6th straight SEC game and has now been outscored 62-3 in the 4Q. Mississippi had not won an SEC game since 2010 but Bo Wallace it 17-22-226 yards and had a td passing, receiving and rushing in the game. Ole Miss did finish with a 451-213 yd edge as Gene Chizik’s seat got a bit hotter. Auburn had a bad snap sail pass QB Moseley’s head and Miss punted for a td and led 14-0. Auburn battled back and with 1:00 left in the half got a 46 yd FG to lead 17-14. UM25 went 75/10pl and got a 27 yd FG on the final play of the half for some momentum. They opened the 3Q with a 75/4pl drive for a td. It was 27-20 with 8:16 left and Miss went 81/8pl and on 3&16 a short pass to Scott saw him land on an Auburn player, bounce up and race 56 yds for a td on the key play of the game and put UM up 34-20 and basically clinched it. They got an int on the next play and went 31/2pl for a td and turned a close game into a 41-20 blowout.




Rutgers had an 8 pt win vs Syracuse. SU had a 23-12 FD edge and 418-237 yd edge but RU had a couple of key plays including a 75 yd blk’d FG td. RU RB Jawan Jamison had a streak of six straight 100 yd games snapped having just 64 yds on 28 carries. SU had a FD at the RU20 in the 2Q but a pair of sacks forced a 50 yd FG which they missed, it was 7-7 at the half. SU lined it up for the go-ahead FG but it was blk’d and returned 75 yds for a td to make it RU 14-7. SU fumbled at the RU47 and RU got a 25 yd FG. SU fumbled a punt at their own 14 and RU got a td 3pl later. SU was int’d at the RU26 then went on an 84/10pl drive and was SOD on 4&gl at the 3. SU did get a 48/3pl for a td and 2 pt conv with 4:19 left but was int’d at their own 24 with 2:39 left.