Daily Blog • October 16th




Giovani Bernard ran for 177 yards and North Carolina had a 485-415 yard edge. Stephen Morris was having a fine game for Miami and had hit just 12-26-155 yds. He had some crucial runs for 40 yds on 7 carries. He was helped off the field with 8:26 left. Bkp Ryan Williams hit 9-13-80. NC led 7-0 when they were int’d at the UM25 then on the next drive missed a 33 yd FG. UM punted but roughing the P kept the drive alive and they would go 80/12pl for a td. NC led 15-7 at the half with a 313-191 yd edge. UM got to 15-14 after a delay of game pen had then go for just a regular xp. NC got a 48 yd FG then missed a 43 yd FG. UM went 48/13 and on 3&6 was SOD at the NC26. Their final drive got to the NC29 but on 4&16 they gained 11 yds with :22 left.


Utah got a fortunate td early and a late td to only lose to UCLA by 7. Kyle Whittingham turned to Travis Wilson. In fact it was a surprise to me that Wilson wasn’t the starter a few weeks ago. Wilson hit 23-33 for 220 yards and a td with Jon Hays hitting just 1 pass but it was a crucial one. UCLA led 7-0 when a bonehead play of the year happened. The key rule when you’re fielding a punt is to put your heels on the 10 yd line if it is past that, let it bounce into the EZ. Not only did UCLA’s Steven Manfro try to field the ball, he actually turned his back and tried to field it over his shoulders at the 3. Naturally the ball would have gone sailing into the EZ but instead it went fumbling off Manfro’s body and Utah fell on it for a td. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a player field a punt over his shoulder at the 3 yd line before. UCLA led 14-7 at the half and UCLA went 64/13pl for a td with 6:04 left 3Q to lead 21-7. The next 4 poss were punts and Utah took over with 6:17 left and went 90/10pl. Wilson had his helmet come off on a 3&3, 2 yd run to the 1 so Hays had to come in for the play and calmly took the snap and threw a 1 yd td pass, 21-14 so they only lost by 7. They kicked deep but UCLA got 1 FD and punted with :01 left.


Jeff Driskel ran for 177 yards and 3 td’s as Florida, in a typical “C” came still survived winning by 14 over Vanderbilt. UF had just come off their huge win over LSU the previous week and had a huge game vs S Carolina on deck. They kept an O-line and D-line starter at home and only finished with a 403-363 yd edge. At times it appeared UF even had the crowd edge with their fans filling up at least half the stadium. Vandy took their 2nd poss 66/6pl for a td and led 7-0. UF battled back and on their last drive of the half went 83/11pl but settled for a 23 yd FG to lead 11-7. At the half UF had a 221-94 yd edge. The Gators were leading 21-7 when VU went 75/11pl and were int but def holding gave them a FD and they would get a td 5pl later. After each team settled for a FG and UF led just 24-17, Driskel took off to the right on an option and raced 70 yds for a td with 2:20 to go. VU35 got 58 of their yards on the final 15 plays incl a 4&10 conversion but on 4&gl from the 13 fired incomplete.


These stats were amazing in the 1H. Fordham had commanding a 10-1 FD edge vs Cincinnati with 9:46 left in the 2Q but since they missed a 48 yd FG, a quick check of the scoreboard showed they actually trailed the game 14-3. Fordham took their opening drive 50/12 but not only did they fumble, it was ret’d 78 yds for a td. UC’s only FD came on a 78 yd td pass on 2&13 with Fordham also settling for a 46 yd FG. At half it was 14-6 with the FD’s 11-4. In the 2H UC got serious and scored td’s on their only 5 poss going 79/9, 81/6, 26/5 (after 42 y PR), 80/8p and 75/8 with their final td coming with 1:56 left in their 49-17 win.


How much did Arkansas dominate Kentucky? Tyler Wilson hit 23-31-372 yards and a career high 5 td’s, AU had a 24-6 FD edge and 533-170 yd edge. The game was called with 5:08 left in the 3Q which means 20:30 had not been played. If you take that 533 yards and multiple it by a full game, that is 799 yards. In the 1H alone AU had a 444-88 yd edge and led 42-0. It was so dominant that in the 1Q AU had a 307-48 yd edge.


Last week was important for Rice as it was Homecoming and their HC said, “How nice was that. All we had going on this weekend was a football game, a 100 year birthday party, Tommy Kramer coming in with the College Football Hall of Fame and Homecoming. If you could pick one you would definitely want to win, it would be that one.” Rice led 13-3 at the half and despite playing without their most experienced OL, Drew Carroll, coach Baliff told them at HT that he didn’t want to have to throw a pass on the first drive and they didn’t. Rice marched 75/12pl all on the ground to set the margin at 20-3 and finished with a 27-13 FD edge and dominating 483-239 yd edge. Rice even ended the game getting a 1&gl at the 5 taking a knee from there.


The story of the Oklahoma St/Kansas game was a driving rain. The 1Q was scoreless and the teams went to the locker rooms for 30:00 after a lightning strike. Amazingly the first 4 poss of the game each team was SOD. OSU on 4&7 at the KU31 and 4&1 at the KU16. KU on 4&1 at the OSU35 and 4&7 at the OSU16. KU’s 3rd poss was SOD on 4&7 at the OSU20. OSU led 10-0 at the half and 20-0 in the 4Q. KU got a td with 10:45 left, got a 73/2pl drive for a td with 8:52 left and then on 4&5 with 2:42 left was SOD at the OSU41. A PF gave OSU a FD with 2:29 left and they took a knee.


Stepfan Jefferson rushed for 185 yards for Nevada. Nevada was again without Cody Farjardo who had back spasms the previous week but Devin Combs hit 14-19-167 and rushed for 111. Things did not look good for Nevada as UNLV dominated early. They took their first 3 poss of the game 68/10, 76/7pl and 66/10pl for td’s to lead 21-0. Combs was int’d in the EZ from the 29. Nevada pulled within 31-14 at the half with UNLV having a 323-315 yd edge. Nevada opened the 3Q with a 77/10pl drive but from the 17 was int’d in the EZ again. Combs then went 80/12pl and 61/11 for td’s and after an int, they went 34/5pl and finally took the lead with 9:43 left. Nevada drove 64/12pl converting on 4&1 twice and took a 42-31 lead but UNLV went 80/7pl and got a 47 yd td pass with :44 left 1pl after a 3&16 roughing the passer had given them a FD to only lose by 5.


FIU got back Jake Medlock at QB and he hit 24-38-380 vs Middle Tenn. It was another tough loss for FIU and at the end of the game, FIU from the 31 yd line, threw a deep pass to the EZ, was spotted just short of the goal line and replay confirmed it and they were held out of the EZ with a 4 pt loss. FIU fumbled at the MT17 in the 1H and missed an xp after a td but still led 20-3 on a 4 yd td run with just 1:39 left in the half. Middle Tenn went 77/7pl getting a 20 yd TD pass with :08 left giving them momentum and they opened the 2H with 75/8pl drive for a td to quickly pull within 20-17. MT took the lead, 27-23 with 6:51 left. FIU got a 30 yd TD pass with 1:00 left apparently pull out the win, 30-27 but a 15 yd unsportsmanlike pen on FIU had them kickoff from their own 20 and MT returned the KO 43 yds to the FIU40. Three plays later they got a go-ahead td with :36 left. FIU got 2 FD’s until that 30 yd pass to the 1 yd line.


UCF appeared on its way to an easy win vs Southern Miss, taking its opening drive 93/15pl for at td, its 2nd drive, 77/12 but settled for a 29 yd FG and only led 10-0 early 2Q. The 2 drives ate up close to 12:00. At the half UCF had a 284-113 yd edge and led 17-7. They were up 24-14 when SM got a td with 8:32 left. After 3 punts, SM went 52/9pl and got a 27 yd FG to force OT. Each team got a td in the first OT. UCF got a 4pl td drive in the 2nd OT and SM was int on the next play at the 7. UCF finished with a 454-359 yd edge.


Wyoming was without starting QB Brett Smith and Jason Thompson filled in well and hit 23-36-195 while rushing for 75 yards on 16 carries. UW appeared on their way to an upset leading Air Force 24-14 at the half and 27-14 in the 3Q. For the 2nd straight week, UW took on the nations’ leading rusher and held him in check as Cody Getz was limited to 41 yards on 10 carries but did leave with injury late in the 3Q. The previous week, Stepfon Jefferson was held to 78 yards. AF QB Conner Dietz was also banged up in the game. At the end, Christensen was yelling at AF coach Calhoun. His issue was that Dietz was apparently injured on a short run when his helmet came off with 8:00 left in the game and Christensen inferred that he was not really injured, just trying to gain an advantage. He has since been reprimanded by the conference. UW had a 447-371 yd edge. UW had a 316-164 yd edge at the half, while the 2H was played in cold rain. AF, trailing 27-14, went 95/12pl for a td with :50 left in the 3Q then went 67/16pl for a 5 yd td run with 7:35 left. UW was SOD on 4&5 at the AF44. AF on 3&10 got a 17 yd pass to the UW26 and were able to run the clock.


Arkansas St struggled with South Alabama, in fact they were outgained 373-318. USA took their opening drive 75/9pl for a td then after recovering a fumble, got a 26 yd FG to lead 10-0. The key play of the game happened with 3:20 left in the 1H. USA was down 14-13 and at the ASU22 and was int’d at the 19 and returned 38 yds. At the half USA had a 170-125 yd edge. USA got a td early 3Q but the 2 pt failed and they trailed by 2. Trailing 36-22 USA blk’d a punt but on 4&11 were SOD at the ASU16. ASU only got off a 13 yd punt and USA went 29/6 and got a 4&5, 12 yd td pass with :17 left but ASU rec’d the onside kick.


Last week in my weekly segment on College Football Daily with Dari Nowkhah I said that the TCU QB situation would be okay with Trevone Boykin and that they could possibly upset Baylor. I pointed out that the previous week vs ISU, turnovers were the problem and that TCU had actually outgained the Cyclones, 455-350 in their upset home loss. Boykin had a solid game on the road vs Baylor’s poor defense hitting 22-30-261 yd and also rushing for 56. BU turned the ball over 6x but TCU had a 509-432 yd edge in their 28 pt win. This was actually the first league game between the 2 since 1995, the last year of the SWC with the rivals being just 100 miles apart. TCU only led 28-21 when they got a td with 10:46 left in the game then another int set up a 44/6pl drive for a td to turn a close game into a rout. BU earned 60 of their 432 yds in the final 3:11 ending the game at the 10 yd line.

New Mexico
got their first win outside of the state of NM since 2007. While NM finished with just a 452-391 yd edge, Hawaii had just 3 offensive snaps with 5:46 left in the 1Q and NM led 21-0. NM would finish holding the ball for 38:22 to UH 21:28. The Lobos took their opening drive 83/6pl for a td. UH fumbled the KO and NM converted twice on 4&3 and went 38/11pl for a td, NM then went 66/14pl for a td and a 21-0 lead. UH missed a 39 yd FG, went 77/5pl for a td then had a 49 yd FG with :50 left in the half, 21-10. At half NM only had 199-178 yd edge. UH was SOD at the NM5 and 3pl later Gautsch got a 76 yd td run. UH’s Edwards returned the KO 100 yds for a td, 28-17 4:39 3Q. UH fmbl’d at the NM29, NM was SOD at the UH35 and UH went 65/9pl and got a td with 9:49 left to pull within 28-23. NM went 75/11pl for a td then UH, on 4&20 was sk’d at the NM28 with 1:38 left.


California had a 507-420 yd edge vs Washington St. Each team was int’d early but after another WSU int, Cal went 25/3pl for a td. WSU switched QB’s to Tuel. Cal went 69/11pl but on 3&gl from the 10 was int at the 6. WSU went 86/16pl and settled for a 20 yd FG, 7-3. Cal went 75/9pl and got a 4 yd TD run, 14-3 at the half. Each team went for a td to open the 3Q. WSU was SOD at the 37, missed a 43 yd FG after a 12 pl drive then Cal put it away with a 75/7pl drive for a td, 31-10. WSU went 75/9 for a td with 7:09 left then WSU30 went 42/7pl but on 4&13 were SOD at the Cal37. Cal finished the game at the WSU36.


LSU had a 406-211 yd edge and 22-14 FD edge. LSU controlled S Carolina’s pass rush with a 258-34 rushing edge and the game was nowhere near as close as the final of 23-21. In fact in the 1H LSU went on a 68/16pl drive but settled for a 23 yd FG. A 70 yd IR to the 2 set up SC for a td. LSU went on a 50/12 drive and missed a 32 yd FG and at the half LSU had a 10-4 FD edge, 178-69 yd edge and trailed. Down 14-10 LSU went 75/11pl but once again settled for a 20 yd FG. LSU got an IR to the 22 but settled for a 22 yd FG and only led 16-14 but true frosh Jeremy Hill who rushed for 124 yds, ripped off a 50 yd TD run and SC led 23-14. They then started letting SC some short, underneath coverages pass to eat the clock. There was also a very questionable personal foul call to help move SC ahead. SC, down by 9, got a 4&13, 16 yd pass to the 1 and a td on the next play to get back to 23-21. LSU rec’d the onside kick at the SC49 and punted with :35 let and SC’s desperation pass was int’d at the LSU35 from their own 33 on the last play.


ULM/FAU was a little bit of a different game. At the half ULM led 21-7 but FAU actually had a 154-132 yd edge. ULM did take their opening drive 74/10pl. Three plays after converting on 4&1 they got a td. In the 2Q, 1pl after converting on 4&1 they got a 36 yd TD run and later FAU bobbled a punt snap and ULM fell on it for a td to up to 21-0 with 5:35 left in the half. FAU went 76/12pl for a td to pull within 21-7. In the 2H FAU was SOD at the ULM38 early 4Q and ULM went 62/4pl to open their lead to 35-7. After 4 punts FAU went 58/9pl and got a 15 yd TD pass with :24 left to “only” lose by 21 pts.


Ohio St finished with a 578-481 yd edge vs Indiana and a couple of times appeared on their way to a 17+ point win. A couple of key plays had the Hoosiers keep this one closer than the experts thought. Each team had a punt block for a td but OSU still led 24-14 at the half with a 260-150 yd edge. Braxton Miller got a 67 yd td run to put them up 31-17. A key play of the game happened when the Buckeyes had a chance to go up by 21 but on 2&gl from the 4 were int’d in the EZ. IU on 3&6, got a 76 yd td pass to pull within 7. OSU extended it again, up 45-27 with 14:14 left but IU got a td with 10:50 left. OSU went up again and this time got a 46 yd td pass with 6:47 left then forced a punt and appeared to have the 18 pt win in hand with 3:58 left and IU26 got 1 FD, converted on 4&6 for a FD. On 3&6 they got a FD, then a 12 yd td pass with 1:40 left. IU then rec’d the onside kick and went 48/8 for another td and OSU needed to recover the onside kick to escape with a 52-49 win which could have been a lot worse.


The star of the Louisiana Tech/Texas A&M game was clearly Johnny Manziel who rushed for 181 yards and hit 29-40-395 but Colby Cameron actually outpassed him hitting 44-58-450. Plenty of times it looked like A&M had this one wrapped up but also a couple times it looked like LT had a shot at the win. A&M actually scored on their first seven poss of the game going 79/5 and 66/10 and 61/9 for td’s to lead 21-0. They went 66/10pl for a 26 yd FG, 27/9 for a 54 yd FG. After an LT 75/10 drive, Manziel hit a 75 yd td pass to make it 34-7 with 5:20 left in the half. There were 2 FG’s, a td and a blk’d xp for 2 and A&M went into the lockerroom up 39-16. LT was SOD at the A&M 35 on their opening 3Q poss. A&M led 46-23 after a td with 5:44 left 3Q but LT went 75/10pl for a td with 2:53 left. The teams punted 3x then LT went 69/7pl for a td and on 1&25 Manziel in the EZ threw an int which was ret’d for a td and now A&M only led 46-44 with 11:59 left. A&M went 82/10 and 97/6pl for td’s to wrap it up incl a Manziel 72 yd td run on 3&24 with 2:04 left but LT got a 62 yd TD pass, rec’d the onside kick, went 54/6pl and then had a chance at the tie but their 2 pt failed with 1:08 left and A&M rec’d the onside kick. The yards were amazing as A&M had 678 and LT 615 and the 116 pts scored were the most in an A&M game in history dating all the way back to 1920 when they beat the Titan of the time, Daniel Baker College 110-0. The crowd was split 50/50.


Mississippi St beat Tennessee for the first time since 1994 snapping a 6 game losing streak. Tyler Bray struggled and hit just 6-12-59 in the 1H and finished 15-24-148. Tyler Russell has done well in SEC games as in 3 matchups vs SEC teams he’s thrown for 782 yards, 62.8% with a 7-0 ratio. Seven of the 1st 8 poss ended in scores but MSU thanks to a surprise onside kick got a 35/4pl drive for a td and led 27-14. MSU missed a 38 yd FG but had an outstanding 293-92 yd edge at half. Tenn went 62/10pl and 86/15pl for a FG and a td to get back in it, 27-24. After 5 punts, UT fmbl’d and MSU went 50/3pl for a td, 34-24. Tenn went 58/8pl and got a 10 yd td pass with 5:22 left, 34-31. MSU25 not only ran the clock but went 75/12pl and on 4&gl from the 9, got a 9 yd td pass to win by 10.