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Meter Rank
I don’t think there was any doubt that Cocky was the #1 seed in the playoffs and naturally he finished off the season in impressive style. Sparty qualified for the playoffs, even with the loss last week, my power ratings only had Cocky winning by 14% and he won 62-38%. That bumps him up one point closer to perfection at 64 in my power ratings with 65 being the perfect score and also sets him up with a rematch with Sparty, who finished as the #8 seed. I would expect another dominating win this week for Cocky and let’s see if he can top last week’s 24% margin.
Red Raider
Raider Red basically had a playoff-type setting last week taking on Wilma Wildcat who was #9 coming in. Wilma’s loss eliminated her from the playoffs and that was pretty much true to form. My power ratings had Raider Red favored to win by 8% and that was exactly what he did with a 54-46% margin. Raider Red finishes the regular season with an outstanding 11-1 record and owns 11 straight wins and just beat Ms Wuf a few weeks back. Raider Red is the clear-cut #2 seed for the playoffs and did not face Cocky during the regular season which sets up for a very interesting final should they both get there. This week Raider Red starts off with Truman the Tiger and my power ratings have Red favored by 6%.

Ms Wuf
While Ms Wuf only earned the #4 seed in the playoff rankings, which could be crucial as that would mean a 2nd round matchup vs Cocky. I still like her as the #3 mascot. Last week Ms Wuf had a somewhat closer than expected win over Truman the Tiger as my power ratings called for her to win by 5% and it was 50.2-49.8%. Ms Wuf finished the regular season with an outstanding 9-3 record but lost the tie-breaker with Sebastian the Ibis when she lost 52-48% in the regular season. Interestingly, Ms Wuf’s other 2 losses this year are to the top 2 seeds in Raider Red by a 51-49% margin and Cocky by only a 52-48% margin. As you know, Ms Wuf is my daughter’s favorite for the Title and should be a favorite of the female voters as she is the only one that made it into the playoffs this year.

It was pretty much a no brainer that Sebastian would win last week as he was taking on the previously winless Scarlet Knight. Scarlet Knight dropped to an imperfect 0-12 on the year but he did get a little  bump in the rankings as my projection only called for a win by 26% and he ended up winning by 36% (68-32%). Sebastian has a pair of losses to the top 2 mascots in the challenge with a surprising 61-39% loss to Raider Red and only losing to Cocky 52-48%. He also had a surprising loss to Cam the Ram who is in the playoffs as well. The head-to-head tie-breaker was a win vs Ms Wuf which got him the #3 seed and my power rankings still rate him #4 among the playoff entrants.

Cam the Ram
Cam the Ram should enter the contest refreshed as the last 2 weeks he has only taken on Scarlet Knight and Cosmo, a pair of mascots that combined for a 2-22 mark this season. Last week Cam was supposed to win by 18 but he only won by 12 which drops him 1 in the power ratings despite the lopsided win. It also drops him to #5 in the power ratings at 50 as Sebastian the Ibis passed him up. Cam began the season low in the power ratings but already has wins over Wilma Wildcat and Sebastian the Ibis. This week Cam has a tough battle with Ms Wuf, another 9-3 mascot and Cam’s losses this year have been to Raider Red by .6% (less than one), Cocky by 15% and Truman the Tiger by 1.4%. Cam will be a worthy foe for Ms Wuf this week.
Truman Tiger

Truman’s loss last week to Ms Wuf was by a very close margin of 50.2-49.8% and he did lead for portions at time during the week. Despite the loss, Truman climbs to 49 in my power ratings despite having just a 7-5 mark. All 7 of Truman’s wins have been to mascots that have losing records this year so it will be interesting to see how he fairs in the playoffs as none of them have losing records. Raider Red figures to be a formidable adversary for week one. I’ve been impressed with Truman’s performance this year and last week’s near upset.

YouDee tuned up for the playoffs by beating 2 of my top mascots in the preseason, Mike the Tiger of LSU and The Duck of Oregon and did so with wins of 54-46% and 57-43%. YouDee’s 4 losses this year have all been to playoff opponents in Sebastian by 2%, Cocky by 9%, Cam the Ram by 13.4% and Ms Wuf by 1.2%. If you’re looking for the mostly likely upset pick in the first round, it will probably be YouDee with a shot at Sebastian and that will be interesting to watch. Keep in mind, a couple times in recent years, the FCS fans have been behind the FCS representatives and guided him to a title.
Sparty had the unfortunate task of taking on Cocky last week and came up short by even bigger than my power ratings called for, losing 61.7-38.3%. That got Sparty a rematch with Cocky this week and a likely quick out for the playoffs for the #8 seed. Sparty comes in with a 7-5 record on the year and all 5 losses were to playoff mascots.