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PLAYOFFS The Capital One Playoffs are already down to the semifinals with just 4 mascots remaining. Last week of the four games, there was one upset and the big question is will there be more this week or will it be the much anticipated #1 vs #2 showdown? At the end of the season, I will list all of the mascots that participated this year and give a summary of their season and how they did. Here are the top four left and their power ratings:

Meter Rank
Last week my power ratings had the clear cut #1 mascot Cocky favored by 16% over Sparty. Sparty put up a somewhat closer than expected battle, only losing 66-44% after getting the tough draw vs  the #1 seed. Cocky remains unbeaten this year and is very close to achieving that perfect score of 65 in the power ratings. The closest two battles all season long for Cocky were a 52.3-47.7% win over Ms Wuf in Wk 2 and a 51.9-48.1% win over Sebastian the Ibis. Cocky remains the clear-cut frontrunner for the Title this year.
Red Raider
Raider Red lost his opening battle of the season to YouDee by the slimmest of margins, 49.1-50.9%. Since then, Raider Red has stormed to 12 straight wins. Last week my power ratings had him a 6% favorite over Truman the Tiger and that’s exactly what happened as he won 53-47%. Raider Red did not face Cocky during the regular season but has defeated both of the other 2 mascots that remain. His victory over Cam the Ram was by the slimmest of margins, beating him 50.3-49.7%. He did smack this week’s opponent Sebastian the Ibis 60.6-39.4% on October 7th which was really the signaling of him rising into the contenders role. This week my power ratings say he wins by 4% over Sebastian but he’d better make sure both guns are fully loaded for this titanic semifinal match

Last week my power ratings had Sebastian a 3% favorite over YouDee and he ended up winning by 2%, 51-49%. I follow the mascot challenge daily clicking on a few times a day just to see who was winning and there were numerous times during the week when YouDee actually had the lead over Sebastian. At the beginning of the year, Sebastian was listed as one of my playoff contenders and he has lived up to that billing and on the season is now 10-3. Sebastian did lose to this week’s opponent, Raider Red, by a commanding 60.6-39.4% and his other losses were a close one to Cocky, 51.9-48.1% and also a loss to the other playoff semifinalist Cam the Ram by 51.7-48.3%. To win the mascot challenge this year, Sebastian the Ibis will have to avenge two of those losses and has one vs the #2 seed this week
Cam the Ram
Well, I have to admit, last week I was rooting against Cam the Ram who was taking on Ms Wuf, my six year old daughter Savannah’s choice to win the mascot challenge. Cam actually opened up the season just 2-3 and appeared to be going nowhere but has now won 8 in a row and last week’s contest was close as he had 50.97% of the votes to Ms Wuf’s 49.03%. My power ratings had Ms Wuf winning by 2 so it was the only upset of the week and it was by just a couple percentage points. During Cam’s winning streak, he has knocked off Sebastian the Ibis 51.7-48.3%, Wilma Wildcat 55.4-44.6% and YouDee 56.7-43.3%. Other than that, he’s taken on mostly mascots with losing records. Still, you have to be impressed with last week’s win over a legitimate title contender. Cam did take on this week’s foe, Cocky, in Wk 3 and lost 57.6%-42.4% but that was before the Ram Nation got behind him. Cam seems to enjoy this underdog role and pulling the upsets and it would be fun to see him in the championship game, however he is taking on what looks like an unbeatable Cocky.