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Meter Rank
And then there were two. Cocky has been the frontrunner all season in the Mascot Challenge and has a perfect record this year at 14-0. He began the year #2 in my rankings but took the #1 spot in Wk 3 and has not come close to releasing it. 65 is my top power rating for any mascot and Cocky has been at the 64 level for the last 2 weeks. Last week Cocky battled Cam the Ram and my power ratings had him projected to win by 13%. Cocky had a little closer than expected battle only winning 55-45% but it was still an impressive victory. The fact that he did not perform above what was expected kept him from getting the valued 65 ranking. This is the matchup this week that many have been waiting for. Cocky and Raider Red have not met this year. During the year there were just 2 battles closer than last week’s and that was a victory over Ms Wuf in Wk 2 (52-48%) and on  Nov 3rd when he beat Turman the Tiger 54-46%. My power ratings project that Cocky will win this battle 54-46% but Raider Red has been a great story and with the top 2 seeds both advancing to the Championship, it should be a great contest this week.
Red Raider
Raider Red lost his opening battle of the season to YouDee by the slimmest of margins, 49.1-50.9%. Since then, Raider Red has stormed to 12 straight wins. Raider Red did not face Cocky during the regular season but beat almost all of the other top mascots in the challenge. Last week my computer called for Raider Red to win by just 4% and he overachieved that margin beating Sebastian 53.5-46.5%, a 7% margin. That was good enough to bump him up 1 in the power ratings to 56. Raider Red was not in my top 5 to start the year but has beaten every foe by at least 6.5% since a close 50.6-49.4% win over Truman the Tiger. The big question is can Raider Red shoot down the unbeaten Cocky this week? It should be exciting so make sure you vote in this week’s challenge.