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Cocky continues to dominate the Mascot Challenge. Cocky has actually taken on three solid challengers the last 3 weeks and dominated all 3 beating Wilma the Wildcat 69-31%, Mike the Tiger 61-29% and last week vs The Duck, won 67-33%. The maximum power rating for the Mascot Challenge is 65 and Cocky continues to climb towards that number at 62.

Raider Red
Each of the last 2 weeks Raider Red has had expected tight battles. Two weeks ago he was favored by 1% over Sparty but won 55-45%. Last week he took on #2 Sebastian the Ibis and while it  was expected to be close, Raider Red rolled to a 61-39% margin. It’s a big jump in the ratings for Red Raider and a very surprising 7-1 and #53 power ratings.

Last week Sebastian was #2 with his only loss of the year being to Cocky and that was only by a 52-48% margin. While 4 of his 6 wins have only been by 53% or less, I expected a close battle with Red Raider and was surprised that Sebastian was whipped 60-40% as he dropped down to #3, but he’s still a clear cut contender for the top spot.

Ms Wuf
Ms Wuf’s only 2 losses so far have been to Cocky and Sebastian (#1 and #3) and both were close. Last week I expected Ms Wuf to beat YouDee by 5% and she won 51-49%, to remain at #48 in my power ratings and #4 in the Mascot Meter.
Truman Tiger

Truman The Tiger has taken on a weak schedule so far this year and last week once again only took on Wolfie who was in the bottom 3rd of the ratings. It was yet another win for Truman, this time by a 52-48% margin which was actually a little closer than expected. Still, you can’t argue with a 6-2 record even though the 6 wins have been vs mascots that are a combined 11-27. Two weeks ago he did have an impressive win over Mike the Tiger.

Sparty was high in my preseason rankings but had a couple of unimpressive losses to Cam the Ram and YouDee. Last week Sparty took on the always tough Bucky the Badger and came out with an easier than expected 56-44% win. Itís a climb back up in the rankings for Sparty this week.
Cam the Ram
Cam has now upset THREE well known mascots in The Duck, Sparty and Bucky. He upset YouDee 2 weeks ago to jump into the top 8 and last week had an expected win over Testudo (#14) but I expected a 10% win and he won even stronger 62-38%.
Mike the Tiger

FINALLY. Mike the Tiger was my preseason #1 mascot as nobody has a better support staff and I mentioned last week that when Tiger nation awakes, Mike the Tiger could win the National Title. Last week I had Mike the Tiger only favored over Cosmo (1-7) by 10 but he rolled to a 67-33% win. Perhaps with LSUís fortune on the field looking up, maybe LSU nation will help Mike to continue a climb in the rankings as he moves into the Top 8 this week despite his 3-5 record.
Wilma Wildcat
Wilma is just 4-4 but her 4 losses have been to top 5 mascots. After getting whipped by Cocky like everybody does 2 weeks ago, she took on winless Scarlet Knight and as expected, rolled to a 71-29% margin. Wilma has still got a great shot at making the playoffs this year.
YouDee was at the bottom of my rankings at the start of the year but is a solid 4-4 on the year and has a good shot to make the playoffs. Heís already upset Raider Red and Sparty and two losses were to Cocky and Sebastian. Last week he took on the tough Ms Wuf and had a closer than expected 51-49 loss. No drop in the rankings for YouDee this week.
Bucky dropped his 3rd straight game to fall to 2-6 but of course, has a solid support staff and the potential to get back into the playoff race. Fortunately, last week I thought it would be a close battle vs Sparty but he lost 56-44% and the Badgers also lost on the field to the Spartans at home. All in all, not a good week for Wisconsin fans and/or mascots.
The Duck
The Duck has perhaps the best recognition of all the mascots and last week took on the #1 ranked mascot in Cocky and naturally got blown out 67-33%. At 2-6 The Duck needs a big finish just to make the playoffs but if he was to make the playoffs, he would be a threat.

Wolfie Jr

Last week I said Wolfie, if he beat Truman The Tiger, could have climbed up into the top 8. I expected Truman to win by 8% and Wolfie did give him a closer than expected struggle, only losing 52-48%. Still, it was a loss to drop to 4-4 but with that record heís still a prime contender for the playoffs.
Three weeks ago Testudo took on a previously winless Cosmo and gave Cosmo his only win of the year. The last two weeks have been disappointing and last week vs Cam the Ram, lost 63-37% at 1-7, Testudo is going at a turtleís pace when it comes to his chances of making the playoffs.
Cosmo bagged his first victory a couple weeks ago over Testudo but has suffered a lot of blowout losses this year. Last week, as expected, vs a powerful underrated Mike the Tiger, Cosmo lost 67-33%.
Scarlet Knight
Scarlet Knight is 0-8 and has not totaled more than 46.1% of the vote in any week. Last week the football team lost for the first time this season. Scarlet Knight battled a Wilma the Wildcat that needed a win and lost 71-29%. Its imperfect 0-8 record is surprising, and has just 4 weeks to go.

Odds to win the challenge:

Cocky 3-5
Sebastian 8-5
Raider Red 3-1
Ms Wuf 7-2
Sparty 4-1
YouDee 5-1
Wilma Wildcat 8-1
Mike the Tiger 10-1
Truman the Tiger 12-1
Bucky the Badger 15-1
Cam the Ram 20-1
Wolfie Jr 25-1
The Duck 25-1
Testudo 80-1
Cosmo 100-1
Scarlett Knight 200-1