If you've read Phil Steele's Magazine, you know abbreviations are a must. With all the information packed into the magazine, we are forced to condense words. That also happens on the website, so here is a list of abbreviations most commonly used. This list is constantly evolving - so check back often!

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AA All-American
AC All-Conference
ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament
AD Athletic Director
AG Away Game
ALL’D Allowed
ALL’G Allowing
ALT’D Alternated
APR Academic Progress Rate
AQ Automatic Qualifier
AVG Average
B2B Back-to-Back
BAN Bandit
BKP Backup(s)
C Center
CAR Career
CB Cornerback
CCH Coach
CONC Concussion
CONSEC Consecutive
CONV Conversion/Converted
COY Coach of the Year
DC Draft Choice
DC Defensive Coordinator
DD Double Digit
DE Defensive End
DL/D-Line Defensive Line
DN Did Not
DNL Did Not Letter
DNP Did Not Play
DNQ Did Not Qualify
DPOY Defensive Player of the Week
DPOY Defensive Player of the Year
DS Deep Snapper
DT Defensive Tackle
EXP Experience
EZ End Zone
FB Fullback
FD First Down
FF Forced Fumble
FG Field Goal
FGA Field Goal Attempt
FGM Field Goal Made
FHG Final Home Game
FL Flanker
FMBL Fumble
FMBL’D Fumbled
FPOY Frosh Player of the Year
FR Freshman
FR Fumble Recovery
FS Free Safety
GA Graduate Assistant
GBG Garbage
GL Goal Line
GS Grayshirt
GTD Game Time Decision
GW Game Winning
HB/H-Back Halfback
HC Homecoming
HC Head Coach
HG Home Game
HM Honorable Mention
HS High School
HT Highly Touted Athlete
HT Home Team
HT Halftime
IFS In For Spring
ILB Inside Linebacker
INC Incomplete
INCL Including
INEL Ineligible
INT Interception
INT’D Intercepted
IB I-back (running back)
JC Junior College Transfer
JR Junior
JUCO Junior College Transfer
JV Junior Varsity
KD Knockdown for an OL
K/P Kicker/Punter
KO Kickoff
KO’d Knocked-Out
KR Kick Return
KRD Kick Return Defense
L 1L,2L,3L,4L (letters earned)
L/ Last
L/ Long
LETT Lettermen
LB Linebacker
LOS Line of Scrimmage
LS Long Snapper
LT Left Tackle
LTH Last Time Here
LTT’D Lettered
LW Last Week
LY Last Year
MCL Medial Collateral Ligament
MedRS Medical Redshirt
MIP Most Improved Player
MIT Most Improved Teams
MLB Middle Linebacker
MOV Margin Of Victory
MSN Mission
NB Nickel Back
NG Nose Guard
NG No Good
NOR Not On Roster
NR Not Ranked
NT Nose Tackle
NW Next week
OC Offensive Coordinator
OFS Out for Spring
OFY Out for Year
OG Offensive Guard
OL/O-Line Offensive Line
OLB Outside Linebacker
OOB Out of Bounds
OPOW Offensive Player of the Week
OPOY Offensive Player of the Year
OT Offensive Tackle
OT Overtime
OutFD’d Out first downed
PA Points Against
PAT Point After Touchdown (aka extra point)
PBU Passes Broken Up
PD Passes Defended (passes broken up + interceptions)
PDR Pass Defense Rankings
PEN Penalty
PF Points For
PF Personal Foul
PLY’R Player
POG Player of the Game
POW Player of the Week
POY Player of the Year
PPG Points Per Game
PQ Partial Qualifier
PR Punt Return
PRD Punt Return Defense
PS# Phil’s ranking out of HS
PSL Projected Starting Lineup
PT Playing time
PT/PTS Point/Points
POW Player of the Week
QB Quarterback
QBH Quarterback hurries
RB Running Back
REC Receiver/Reception(s)
REC’D Record
REC’D Recovered
RET Return
RET STS Returning starters
RET ST’RS Returning starters
RFR Redshirt Frosh
RG Road Game(s)
RM Return Man
RM Returned Missionary
ROV Rover
RS Redshirt
RS Return Specialist
RT Right Tackle
RZ Red Zone
S Safety
s/ Since
SB Slotback
SCHL School
SCHLP Scholarship
SD Single Digits
SE Split End
SK Sack
SKS Sacks
SO Sophomore
SOD Stopped on Downs
SOS Strength of Schedule
SPD Speed
SPG Spring
SR Senior
SS Strong Safety
SSN Season
ST Special Teams
STC Special Teams Coordinator
ST’D Started
ST Starts
ST’R Starter
STR Straight
STPOY Special Teams Player of the Year
SUSP Suspended/Suspension
TB Tailback
TB Touchback
TD Touchdown
TE Tight End 
TFL Tackle For Loss
TKL Tackles
TKL’R Tackler
TOP Time of Possession
TO Turnovers
TO Timeout
TPG Tackles Per Game
TRANS Transfer
TRUE True Frosh
TTL Total
TY This Year
UFA Undrafted Free Agent
VHT Very Highly Touted (Top Recruit)
VL Vertical Leap
WK Week
W/O Without
WR Wide Receiver
XP Extra Point (aka PAT)
XPNG Extra Point No Good
YD Yard
YDG Yardage
YPC Yards per Carry/Catch
YPG Yards per Game
YPP Yards per Point
YPP Yards per Punt
YPR Yards per Return
YRLY Yearly
1H 1st Half
2H 2nd Half
1Q 1st Quarter (2Q, 3Q, 4Q)
2PT 2 point conversion
2PTNG 2 point conversion no good
Neutral Site
  ’ Half