2016 FBS Injuries & Transfers *Updated 11/12/16
Here is the current list for players that have been lost for the year since the end of May. This includes injuries, transfers, suspensions and dismissals. This list will be updated DAILY so check it often. Also during the season we will provide an updated starts lost list for each school so you can see which schools are banged up and which fall into the zero starts lost category. This section will also update late additions. Here is the current list.


Injuries & Tansfers : By Team  

Bold Players = Returning/Projected Starter

Date ADD      
Added CIRCLE Team Player Reason
  Add Akron OL Logan Tuley-Tillman Grad trans from Michigan
11/10/16 Circle Akron DL Brock Boxen OFY
  Circle Alabama DB Maurice Smith Transferring
  Circle Alabama DL Adonis Thomas Transferring
  Circle Alabama DB Shawn Burgess-Becker Transferring
  Circle Alabama DL Kendell Jones DNQ
  Circle Alabama OL Eastwood Thomas Tranferring
  Circle Alabama LB Christian Bell Tranferring
  Circle Alabama WR Daylon Charlot Transferring to Kansas, must sit TY
8/18/16 Circle Alabama DB Kendall Sheffield Transferring
9/30/16 Circle Alabama QB Blake Barnett Transferring
10/17/16 Circle Alabama PK Gunnar Raborn Transferring
10/17/16 Circle Alabama WR Jamichael Willis Quit
10/17/16 Circle Alabama WR Tre Dunn Quit
11/10/16 Circle Alabama DB Eddie Jackson OFY (Leg)
  Add Arkansas OL Jake Raulerson Grad trans from Texas
8/16/16 Circle Arkansas LB Derrick Graham Transferring
8/16/16 Add Arkansas DL Michael Taylor Late JUCO signee
8/16/16 Circle Arkansas DB Willie Sykes Transferring
8/26/16 Circle Arkansas QB Rafe Peavey Tranferring
9/7/16 Circle Arkansas DB Britto Tutt OFY (ACL)
11/10/16 Circle Arkansas DB Kevin Richardson OFY (Pectoral)
11/10/16 Circle Arkansas St QB DJ Pearson Dismissed
11/10/16 Circle Arkansas St RB Armond Weh-Weh OFY (knee)
11/10/16 Circle Arkansas St LB Antwon Turnage OFY (knee)
  Circle Arizona OL Zach Hemmila Passed away
9/16/16 Circle Arizona RB Orlando Bradford Dismissed
11/10/16 Circle Arizona LB Cody Ippolito OFY (knee)
11/10/16 Circle Arizona LB Marquis Ware Quit
11/10/16 Circle Arizona TE Brion Anduze OFY (knee)
11/10/16 Circle Arizona St QB Brady White OFY (foot)
11/10/16 Circle Arizona St QB Bryce Perkins OFY (neck)
  Circle Army RB Aaron Kemper Dismissed
8/18/16 Circle Army QB Ahmad Bradshaw Quit
8/26/16 Add Army QB Ahmad Bradshaw Returned to team
9/12/16 Circle Army DB Brandon Jackson Died (car accident)
  Circle Auburn DL Justin Thomas-Thornton Transferring
  Add Auburn RB Kameron Martin Transfer from Baylor
  Circle Auburn RB Jovon Robinson Dismissed
  Add Auburn DB Stephen Davis Jr Late signee
8/15/16 Circle Auburn DL Raashed Kennion Quit
11/10/16 Circle Auburn LB Paul James OFY (knee)
11/10/16 Circle Auburn QB Tyler Queen OFY (shoulder)
11/12/16 Circle Ball St OL Andrew Poenitsch OFY (Leg)
  Circle Baylor DL Jeremy Faulk Quit
  Circle Baylor OL BJ Aurtry Quit
  Circle Baylor WR Tren'Davian Dickson Transferring
  Circle Baylor RB Devin Chafin Dismissed
  Circle Baylor DL DQ Osborne Transferring to Ok St
  Circle Baylor WR Devin Duvernay Signing with Texas
  Circle Baylor DB Parrish Cobb Transferring
  Circle Baylor RB Kameron Martin Transferring
  Circle Baylor WR Donovan Duvernay Transferring
  Circle Baylor OL Patrick Hudson Transferring
  Circle Baylor OL JP Urquidez Transferring
  Circle Baylor WR Chris Johnson Transferring
  Circle Baylor DL Brandon Bowen Transferring
  Circle Baylor QB Jarrett Stidham Transferring
10/12/16 Circle Baylor DB Eric Ogor OFY (suspended)
  Circle Boise St DL Kaleb Hill Tranferring
11/12/16 Cricle Boise St DL/LB Gabe Perez OFY (shoulder)
11/12/16 Circle Boise St DB Skyler Seibold OFY (knee)
11/12/16 Circle Boise St DB Evan Tyler OFY (knee)
  Circle Buffalo TE Matt Seybert Transferring
8/22/16 Circle Buffalo DB Brandon Stanback Transferred to FCS Duquesne
8/22/16 Circle Buffalo OL Andy Fidler OFY (Back)
8/22/16 Circle Buffalo LB WillWhite Left team
8/22/16 Circle Buffalo DB O.J. O'Neal Will not join team
8/22/16 Add Buffalo RB Theo Anderson Late signee
8/22/16 Add Buffalo QB Drew Anderson Late JC Signee
8/22/16 Add Buffalo DE Wes Scott Late JC Signee
8/22/16 Add Buffalo DB Tatum Slack Late JC Signee
8/22/16 Add Buffalo OL David Goldsby Late JC Signee
8/22/16 Add Buffalo OL Brad Rowland Late JC Signee
9/26/16 Circle Buffalo LB Brandon Berry Quit
11/12/16 Circle BYU DL Merrill Tailiauli Knee
11/12/16 Circle BYU DL Travis Tulloma Knee
  Circle Cal DB Griffin Piatt Medically retired
8/22/16 Circle C Michigan RB Romello Ross OFY (ACL)
8/22/16 Circle Colorado WR Juwann Winfree OFY (ACL)
8/29/16 Circle Colorado DB Ca'Ron Baham Transferred to UL Lafayette
9/6/16 Circle Colorado LB Tyler Henington Med Retired
9/20/16 Circle Colorado LB Derek McCartney OFY (ACL)
9/20/16 Circle Colorado PK Diego Gonzalez OFY (Achilles)
  Circle Colorado State DB Preston Hodges Dismissed
8/24/16 Circle Colorado State LB Deonte Clyburn OFY
9/2/16 Circle Duke DB Javon Jackson OFY (foot)
9/2/16 Circle Duke DL Zach Morris OFY (knee)
9/27/16 Circle Duke DB Devon Edwards OFY (ACL)
8/27/16 Circle East Carolina DL Darius Commissiong Dismissed
9/9/16 Circle East Carolina WR Trevon Brown OFY (Academics)
9/13/16 Circle East Carolina WR Daquan Barnes Left Team
9/13/16 Circle East Carolina WR Brandon Bishop Left Team
9/13/16 Circle East Carolina QB John Jacobs Transfer to UAB
9/13/16 Circle East Carolina LB Reese Speights Left Team
9/13/16 Circle East Carolina LB Masaddiq Walton Left Team
9/13/16 Circle East Carolina OL Jarred Dorton Enrolled at Tenn Tech
9/13/16 Add East Carolina OL Will Dancy Grad Transfer from UNC
  Circle Florida WR Alvin Bailey Transferring
  Circle Florida WR Treon Harris Tranferring
8/11/16 Circle Florida OL Antonio Riles OFY (knee)
8/12/16 Circle Florida DB CJ McWilliams OFY (knee)
8/16/16 Circle Florida LB Matt Rolin Retired
9/6/16 Circle Florida WR Dre Massey OFY (ACL)
9/27/16 Circle Florida DE Thomas Holley Med Retired (Hip)
9/27/16 Circle Florida DT Andrew Ivie Med Retired (Back)
8/30/16 Circle Florida Atlantic OL Reggie Bain OFY (car accident)
9/14/16 Circle Florida Atlantic DL Ray Ellis OFY Knee
9/14/16 Circle Florida Atlantic LB Jake Stewart OFY Knee
9/14/16 Circle Florida Atlantic LB Ray Relf Med Retired
  Circle Florida State DL Shavar Manuel DNQ
  Circle Georgia DB Chad Clay Dismissed
8/11/16 Circle Georgia LB Tim Kimbrough Transferring
8/15/16 Add Georgia DB Maurice Smith Grad trans from Alabama
8/19/16 Circle Georgia DL Chauncey Rivers Dismissed
  Add Georgia QB Parker McLeod Trand from WKU
8/19/16 Add Georgia RB Brian Herrien Late Signee
8/19/16 Circle Georgia RB Mirko Jurkovic Medically Retired (Knee)
  Circle Georgia Tech OT Chris Griffin Medically retired
8/9/16 Circle Georgia Tech DE Kenderious Whitehead Medical hardship
8/9/16 Circle Georgia Tech LS Trevor Stroebel Tranferring
8/27/16 Add Georgia Southern WR Michael Summers Grad Transfer from Georgia Tech
  Add Georgia State QB Jaquez Parks Late signee
8/29/16 Circle Georgia State RB Taz Bateman OFY ACL
  Circle Hawaii DL Kennedy Tulimasaealii Dismissed
  Add Hawaii WR Samson Anguay Rejoined team
  Add Houston WR Chris Johnson Transfer from Baylor
  Circle Idaho QB Jake Luton Transferring
  Circle Illinois DL Teko Powell Transferring
8/11/16 Circle Illinois QB Jimmy Fitzgerald Tranferring
  Circle Indiana DB Will Dawkins Transferring
  Circle Indiana OL Tim Gardner Transferring
8/16/16 Circle Indiana WR J-Shun Harris OFY (knee)
9/10/16 Circle Indiana DB Brandon Drayton Transferred to Marshall
9/23/16 Circle Indiana RB Kiante Enis Dismissed
  Circle Iowa LB Justin Jinning Transferring
  Circle Iowa RB Eric Graham Transferring
  Circle Iowa TE Jameer Outsey Transferring
  Circle Iowa St QB Dom De Lira Transferring
  Circle Iowa St DL Terry Ayeni Transferring
  Circle Iowa St LB Jordan Harris Transferring
  Circle Iowa St WR Jauan Wesley Quit
8/16/16 Add Iowa St WR Marchie Murdock Grad Trans from Illinois
  Add Iowa St OL Brian Bobek Grad trans from Minnesota
8/15/16 Circle Iowa St OL Jake Campos OFY (Leg)
  Circle Kansas WR Darious Crawley Transferring
  Add Kansas RB Denzell Evans Grad trans from Arkansas
  Add Kansas WR Daylon Charlot Transfer from Bama, must sit TY
8/17/16 Circle Kansas K Nick Bartolotta Transferring to Missouri
8/14/16 Circle Kentucky DB Darius West OFY (Knee)
  Circle Kentucky CB Jared Tucker Transferring
  Add Kentucky WR Marvin Robinson Late signee
8/29/16 Circle Kentucky DL Regie Meant Left team
  Add Louisiana QB Anthony Jennings Grad trans from LSU
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana DB Edward Hayes DNQ
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana WR Devin Scott OFY (Knee)
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana OL Jesse Freeman Left team
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana DB Dontrell Allen DNQ
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana LB Nic Wiggins DNQ, will goto JUCO
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana LB Korey Louis DNQ, will goto JUCO
8/28/16 Add Louisiana OL Craig Smith Late signee, DNQ at WV
8/28/16 Circle Louisiana DB Cole Bourque Torn ACL, OFY
8/29/16 Add Louisiana WR Ryheem Malone Transfer from SMU, must sit
8/29/16 Add Louisiana WR Ca'Ron Baham Transfer from Colorado, must sit
9/7/16 Circle Louisiana Tech RB Israel Tucker OFY (Knee)
  Circle Louisville DB Devontre Parnell Transferring
  Circle Louisville LB Trevon Young OFY (hip)
  Circle Louisville Cornelius Sturghill OFY (shot)
  Circle LSU DL Sione Teuhema Transferring
  Circle LSU DE Christian LaCouture Knee inj OFY
  Circle LSU K Trent Domingue Scholarship not renewed
8/12/16 Circle LSU WR Tyron Johnson Tranferring
8/24/16 Circle LSU OL George Brown Transferring
9/20/16 Circle LSU DE Isaiah Washington OFY (Knee)
9/20/16 Circle LSU DE Christian Lacouture OFY (ACL)
10/17/16 Circle LSU QB Jake Clise Transferring
  Circle Marshall LB Raheim Huskey Dismissed
8/29/16 Circle Marshall DB Tiquan Lang Dismissed
8/29/16 Circle Marshall WR Tyre Brady Transfer from Miami, must sit.
9/9/16 Circle Marshall DB Antavis Rowe Left team
9/10/16 Circle Marshall RB Jaqua Daniels DNQ
9/10/16 Circle Marshall LB Jaquan Yulee DNQ
9/10/16 Circle Marshall TE Pro Wells Will Greyshirt
9/10/16 Circle Marshall DL Rodney Croom Will Greyshirt
9/10/16 Circle Marshall DB Brandon Drayton Transfer from Indiana
9/10/16 Circle Marshall DB TJ Griffin Left Team
9/10/16 Circle Marshall DB Chris Williams-Hall Medically DQ'd (Neck)
  Add Maryland DB JC Jackson Transfer from Florida
  Add Maryland WR Teldrick Morgan Grad trans from N Mexico St
  Circle Maryland OL Mason Zimmerman Transferring
  Add Massachusetts TE Adam Breneman Grad trans from Penn St
  Circle Memphis RB Jarvis Cooper Transferring
  Circle Memphis RB Jamarius Henderson Transferring
  Circle Miami, Fl LB James King Dismissed
  Circle Miami, Fl WR Lawrence Cager OFY (knee)
  Add Miami, Fl FB Marquez Williams Transfer from D2 Mars Hill
8/17/16 Cricle Miami, Fl RB Trayone Gray OFY (ACL)
8/28/16 Circle Miami, Fl DE Al Quadin-Muhammad Dismissed
8/28/16 Circle Miami, Fl LB Jermaine Grace Dismissed
  Circle Michigan WR Freddy Canteen Dismissed
  Circle Michigan DT Brady Pallante Dismissed
  Circle Michigan WR Brad Hawkins DNQ
8/24/16 Circle Michigan K Andrew David Tranferring
9/1/16 Circle Michigan WR Ahmir Mitchell Transferring
9/27/16 Circle Michigan DB Jeremy Clark OFY (ACL)
10/4/16 Circle Michigan OL Grant Newsome OFY (ACL)
  Add Michigan St DL Gabe Sherrod Grad trans from FCS
  Circle Michigan St DB Jermaine Edmondson Transferring
9/2/16 Circle Michigan St DL Enoch Smith Transferring
  Circle Middle Tennessee LB Kory Lamberts Not with team
8/19/16 Circle Middle Tennessee WR Terry Pettis OFY (Leg)
8/26/16 Circle Middle Tennessee WR Jocquez Bruce OFY (Broken Ankle)
8/26/16 Add Middle Tennessee DB Deontay Evans Grad Transfer from Miss St
8/27/16 Circle Middle Tennessee WR Shane Tucker OFY (Leg Fracture)
8/27/16 Add Middle Tennessee WR Dennis Andrews Transfer from Georgia Tech
  Add Minnesota DB Eric Amoako Juco Transfer (Orig Oregon)
8/19/16 Circle Mississippi RB Jordan Wilkins OFY (Academics)
9/7/16 Circle Mississippi DB Ken Webster OFY (knee)
9/7/16 Circle Mississippi RB Eric Swinney OFY (Knee)
10/17/16 Circle Mississippi LB Tariquous Tisdale Transferring
10/17/16 Circle Mississippi RB Justin Connor Transferring
  Circle Mississippi St DB Deontay Evans Transferring
8/19/16 Circle Mississippi St QB Elijah Staley Tranferring
8/26/16 Circle Mississippi St DB Tolando Cleveland OFY (ACL)
  Circle Missouri DL Harold Brantley OFY (Academics)
  Circle Missouri DL Walter Brady Dismissed
8/17/16 Add Missouri OL Michael Stannard Grad Transfer from Memphis
8/17/16 Circle Missouri OL Nate Crawford Medically Retired (Back)
8/17/16 Add Missouri K Nick Bartolotta Transfer from Kansas
8/16/16 Circle Missouri RB Trevon Walters Dismissed
8/17/16 Circle Missouri OL Clay Rhodes Left Team
  Circle Navy DB Brendon Clements Dismissed
9/6/16 Circle Navy QB Tago Smith OFY (ACL)
  Circle Nebraska P Sam Foltz Deceased
8/19/16 Circle Nebraska QB AJ Bush Tranferring
8/22/16 Circle Nebraska OL Jerald Foster OFY (MCL)
  Circle Nevada DE Marc Ma Deceased
8/30/16 Circle New Mexico St DB King Davis III Medically Retired (Shoulder)
8/30/16 Circle New Mexico St DL Jacob Banegas Left Team
8/30/16 Circle New Mexico St QB Tyler Matthews Left Team
8/30/16 Circle New Mexico St QB Cameron Matthews Will Greyshirt
8/30/16 Circle New Mexico St OL Garron Nash Left Team
  Circle North Carolina RB Ty'Son Williams Transferring
  Circle North Carolina OL John Ferranto OFY (Injury)
8/22/16 Circle North Carolina QB Caleb Henderson Transferring
9/13/16 Circle North Carolina OL Will Dancy Grad Transfer to EC
  Circle NC State WR Jumichael Ramos OFY (knee)
8/11/16 Circle NC State OL Coult Culler Medically retired
  Add North Texas LB D'Vonta Derricott Grad Trans from E Ky
  Circle North Texas OL Ryan Rentfro Quit
8/17/16 Circle Northwestern DB Keith Watkins OFY (knee)
  Circle Notre Dame WR Corey Robinson Retired (concussions)
  Circle Notre Dame TE Alize Jones OFY (Academics)
  Circle Notre Dame DE Grant Blankenship Transferring
8/22/16 Circle Notre Dame DB Max Redfield Dismissed
  Circle Ohio WR Conner Krizancic Retired (concussions)
9/13/16 Circle Ohio State DL Tracy Sporinkle OFY (knee)
  Circle Ohio State RB Bri'onte Dunn Dismissed
  Circle Ohio State DL Dylan Thompson OFY (Academics)
8/30/16 Circle Ohio State WR Torrance Gibson OFY (suspended)
9/1/16 Circle Ohio State DB Cam Burrows OFY (foot)
  Add Oklahoma DB Parrish Cobb Transfer from Baylor
  Circle Oklahoma WR Dallis Todd Tranferring
8/22/16 Circle Oklahoma RB Rodney Anderson OFY (neck)
9/20/16 Circle Oklahoma OL Cody Ford OFY (Leg surgery)
10/4/16 Circle Oklahoma LB Tay Evans OFY (concussion)
  Add Oklahoma St DL DQ Osborne Transfer from Baylor
  Add Oklahoma St DB Lenzy Pipkins Grad trans from ULM
8/31/16 Circle Oklahoma St LB Josh Mabin Retired (heart condition)
  Add Old Dominion RB Josh Marriner Grad trans from Uconn
8/17/16 Circle Old Dominion DE Terrell Reid Transfer to Hampton
8/17/16 Circle Old Dominion OL Eric Hampson Quit football
8/17/16 Circle Old Dominion P Dalton Fraser Quit football
8/17/16 Circle Old Dominion LB AJ O'Neal Not with team
  Circle Oregon WR Kirk Merritt Transferring
8/22/16 Circle Oregon DB Crhis Seisay Transferring
9/20/16 Circle Oregon WR Devon Allen OFY (ACL)
9/20/16 Circle Oregon OL Tyrell Crosby OFY (Foot)
  Circle Oregon St WR Tyson Penn DNQ
  Circle Oregon St DB Gabe Ovgard Medically retired
  Circle Oregon St RB Damien Haskins Medically retired
  Circle Oregon St OL Leo Fuimaono Medically retired
  Circle Penn State TE Brent Wilkerson Dismissed
  Circle Pittsburgh RB George Hill Medically retired
  Circle Pittsburgh DL Justin Moody Medically retired
  Circle Pittsburgh OL Mike Grimm OFY (Hip)
  Circle Pittsburgh DL Zack Gilbert OFY (Cardiac issue)
9/8/16 Circle Purdue WR Dan Monteroso Transferring
9/15/16 Circle Rice DB Justin Bickham OFY (ACL)
  Circle Rutgers OL Jacquis Webb Transferring to Buffalo. Must sit TY
  Add Rutgers QB/WR Zach Allen Grad Trans from TCU
  Circle Rutgers LB Jonathan Pollock Tranferring
9/27/16 Circle Rutgers WR Janarion Grant OFY (Ankle)
9/27/16 Circle Rutgers DL Quanzell Lambert OFY (knee)
  Circle San Diego St RB Marcus Stamps OFY (back)
  Circle San Jose St WR Tyler Winston OFY (Academics)
  Add San Jose St OL Skyler Lacy Grad trans from Louisville
  Circle SMU RB Denzell Evans Didn't enroll after trans from Ark
  Circle SMU WR/CB Deion Sanders Jr No longer with team
  Add SMU DL Terry Ayeni Grad trans from Iowa St
8/29/16 Circle SMU WR Ryheem Malone Transfer to UL Lafayette
9/13/16 Circle SMU QB Matt Davis OFY (ACL)
  Add South Alabama DL Jimmie Gipson Returning, not transferring
  Circle South Carolina DB Ali Groves Medically retired
8/30/16 Circle South Carolina DB Rico McWilliams Quit
9/23/16 Circle South Carolina WR Christian Owens Will Transfer.
  Add Southern Miss DB Devontre Parnell Grad Trans from L'Ville
  Circle Syracuse DL Gabe Sherrod Not with team
  Circle Syracuse RB Jo-El Shaw Enrolling at JC
  Circle TCU QB/WR Zach Allen Transferring to Rutgers
  Add TCU DL Brandon Bowen Transfer from Baylor
  Add TCU RB Derrick Green Grad trans from Michigan
  Circle TCU RB Shaun Nixon OFY (Injury)
  Circle Temple TE Kip Patton Transferring
  Circle Tennessee P Tommy Townsend Transferring
  Circle Tennessee WR Vincent Perry Acad inelig
  Circle Tennessee OL Ray Raulerson Transferring
  Circle Tennessee OL Dontavius Blair Transferring
  Circle Tennessee TE Joe Stockstill Foregoing Sr ssn
  Circle Tennessee WR Cody Blanc Foregoing Sr ssn
  Circle Tennessee DB Darrell Miller Jr Transferring
  Add Texsa WR Devin Duvernay Didn't sign at Baylor
  Add Texas OL JP Urquidez Transfer from Baylor
  Add Texas OL Patrick Hudson Transfer from Baylor
  Circle Texas WR Ryan Newsome Transferring
  Add Texas K Trent Domingue Grad trans from LSU
  Circle Texas RB Roderick Bernard OFY (Injury)
 10/17/16 Circle Texas A&M RB Jay Bradford Medically retired
  Circle Texas St WR Justin Gamble Dismissed
  Circle Texas St DE Ramon Readus Dismissed
  Circle Texas St WR Demun Mercer Dismissed
  Circle Texas St WR Brice Gunter Dismissed
8/31/16 Circle Texas St WR Marchie Murdock Transferred to Iowa St
8/31/16 Circle Texas St QB Devin Williams DNQ
  Circle Texas Tech DB Nigel Bethel Transferring
  Add Toledo DB Desmond Frye Grad trans from Va Tech
  Circle Toledo WR Andrew Davis ACL
  Circle Toledo WR Neru N'Shaka ACL
8/19/16 Circle Toledo LB Jaylen Coleman OFY (Achilles)
  Circle Troy QB Ramsey Rigby Transferring to Gardner Webb
  Circle Troy WR Payton Carter Left team
  Add Troy DL Junior Gnonkonde Grad trans from N Carolina
  Circle Tulane RB Nigel Anderson Dismissed
  Circle Tulane RB AJ Walker Transferring
  Circle Tulane WR Andrew Hicks OFY (ACL)
  Circle Tulane QB Devin Powell Tranferring
  Circle Tulsa DB JR Reed Transferring
  Circle Tulsa DL Michael Rios OFY (Academics)
  Circle UCLa WR Cordell Broadus Quit
  Circle UCLA OL Jake Raulerson Transferring
  Add ULM OL Eastwood Thomas Trans from Bama
  Circle ULM DB Lenzy Pipkins Trans to Ok State
  Add ULM P Dayton Balvanz Grad trans from Missouri
  Add ULM DB Luke Hedrick Trans from Navy
  Add ULM DB Juwan Offray Juco Transfer (Orig Ok State)
  Add UNLV DL Jamal Holloway Late signee
8/29/16 Circle UNLV WR Kendal Keys OFY (Knee)
9/9/16 Circle USC OL Toa Lobendahn OFY (Knee)
9/16/16 Circle USC LB Osa Masina Arrested (rape & sodomy)
  Circle Utah OL Hiva Lutui Medically retired
8/22/16 Circle Utah QB Brandon Cox Transferring
9/14/16 Circle Utah DL Kylie Fitts OFY (foot)
9/14/16 Circle Utah RB Joe Wiliams Medically retired
10/4/16 Circle Utah OL JJ Dielman OFY (Injury)
8/22/16 Circle Utah State OL Jarom Ioane OFY (Injury)
  Circle Virginia OL Eric Tetlow Medically retired
  Circle Virginia OL Sadiq Olanrewaju Medically retired
  Circle Virginia Tech LB Carson Lydon Transferring
  Circle Virginia Tech LS Eddie D'Antuono Elig for NFL Supp Draft
  Cirlce Virginia Tech DL Harry Lewis Transferring
  Cirlce Wake Forest OL TJ Haney Transferring
  Circle Wake Forrest DL Zeke Rodney OFY (Personal)
11/10/16 Circle Wake Forest QB Kendall Hinton OFY (Knee)
  Add Washington WR KJ Young Trans from Oklahoma
  Circle Washington St QB Peyton Bender Acad inelig
  Circle Washington St WR Kyrin Priester Tranferring
  Circle West Virginia LB Brendan Ferns Knee inj OFY
  Circle West Virginia WR David Sills Transferring
  Circle West Virginia OL Amanii Brown Transferring
  Circle West Virginia DL Larry Jefferson Dismissed
  Circle West Virginia LD Jaleel Fields OFY (Knee)
8/28/16 Circle West Virginia OL Craig Smith DNQ, attending Louisiana instead
  Add Western Michigan RB Fabian Johnson Back on Team
8/14/16 Circle Western Michigan LB Tristan Pipp No longer w/tm
8/14/16 Circle Western Michigan QB Matt Little No longer w/tm
8/15/16 Circle Western Michigan WR Kalebb Perry Quit
8/29/16 Circle Western Michigan LB Ron George Dismissed
8/15/16 Circle Wisconsin WR Krenwick Sanders Transferring
8/24/16 Circle Wisconsin OL Dan Voltz Medically retired
9/6/16 Circle Wisconsin LB Chris Orr OFY (ACL)
9/30/16 Circle Wisconsin PK Robert Gaglianone OFY (back surgery)
  Circle Wyoming WR Tom Thornton Graduated
  Circle Wyoming DB CJ Jennings Transferring


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